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What could be better than walking for hours through nature with your faithful four-legged friend? We at We love HUNTER want you to enjoy this time by being perfectly equipped.

HUNTER dog collars convince with high-quality manufacturing. You have the choice between natural leather, imitation leather, nylon, rope or textile - just the way you like it for your dog. The collars captivate with stylish design and are manufactured with great attention to detail. They are easy to clean, robust and give you and your pelt nose optimal safety. You would rather use a dog harness? No problem: Thanks to its perfect fit, the dog harness by HUNTER comfortably adapts to the body of your dog, which results in increased wearing comfort and your four-legged friend feels very comfortable. Matching the dog harness and collar you will find numerous dog leashes. These are characterized by their high degree of safety and at the same time maximum freedom for your dog. Take a look at the various dog leashes in our store. From the lead to the retractable leash - we have guaranteed the right leash for your four-legged friend.

But what if snow and rain make the walk rather uncomfortable and your dog has little undercoat, is still very young or already very old? Then he will be happy about warming dog clothing. The various dog sweaters and coats at We love HUNTER protect against cold and wet and give your furry muzzle enough freedom of movement thanks to excellent fit.

Playing, running and usually there is no sign of an end: If you want to play with your dog, you need stamina, because dogs love to play. In our store you will find various dog toys that your dog will love to play with. With toys from HUNTER, you not only promote your dog's intelligence - some of the materials used can also help with dental cleaning and hygiene. After an extensive play session, it's time for a rest! So that your dog can retreat at home, recharge his batteries and take a little nap, it is important to give him a place of his own. Your four-legged friend can make himself especially comfortable on the dog sleeping areas from HUNTER. Different colors and shapes ensure that the dog sofa or dog quilt integrates stylishly into your four walls. Even on stressful trips in the car, train or plane, your dog should feel as good as possible. Therefore, you will find in our store a wide selection of dog transport boxes and bags, in which your four-legged friend travels safely and comfortably.

Are you getting a new roommate in your home? Then it is important that he feels comfortable from the beginning. With the right preparation and equipment, this is no problem at all. At HUNTER you will find everything you need for the initial equipment of your dog. Apart from dog food, you should have the following dog accessories on hand as soon as your new roommate moves in:

  • Dog collar so you can leash your dog. Not sure which dog collar is right for your four-legged friend? Then try the We love HUNTER shopping advisor for collars.

  • Dog harness or dog leash for extensive walks

  • Dog sleeping place so that your dog has the perfect retreat

  • Dog bowls for food and water

  • Dog carrier for a safe car ride

  • Dog toys to encourage and challenge your dog from the beginning.

Equipped with these products, your dog will feel right at home with you.

When your dog stands in front of his bowl wagging his tail and can't wait to finally get something to eat, you know exactly - he likes it! And who can blame him when he gets to eat out of such a fancy bowl? In our store you will find a colorful range of bowls made of different materials, such as melamine, stainless steel, ceramic or silicone. The bowls convince not only with their durability and scratch resistance, but also with their diverse designs. At We love HUNTER you will find different colors and patterns that you and your dog will love.

And for the small hunger in between or as a reward after a strenuous training round, you will find delicious dog snacks for every occasion. With these snacks, the health of the dog is in the foreground. Therefore, we have for you and your dog a wide selection of grain-free dog snacks without added sugar and with only one animal protein source, Peppermint snacks for fresh breath and snacks that support dental health.

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