Dog harnesses

Dog harness

Do you want to rely on a dog harness instead of a collar during your daily walk? At We love HUNTER you will find a wide range of dog harnesses for large and small dogs and puppies. No matter if Norwegian harnesses, leather harnesses or colourful chest harnesses - we have the right model for every dog.

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Dog harness from HUNTER

With a dog harness from HUNTER, you are opting for high quality and functionality. In our shop you will find numerous dog harnesses - including the perfect model for your pet. No matter whether you are looking for a colourful model or focus on the material of the dog harness (leather, textile, neoprene or nylon), in our We love HUNTER shop you will find the dog harness that suits you and dog. And best of all: All HUNTER harnesses are particularly easy to use and softly padded - for optimal wearing comfort.

Harness or collar: Which is better for your dog?

There is no general answer to whether a collar or a harness is better for your dog. If your dog tends to pull on the leash and the leash is only attached to a collar, the pressure is only distributed on the cervical spine and the larynx - in the worst case, this can affect your dog's health. Puppies and young dogs in particular can suffer health problems if they pull energetically on the leash to get to their destination. It is therefore important that your dog learns to walk on a loose leash from the beginning and is rewarded for this.

If you or your dog cannot avoid pulling on the leash in a situation, a dog harness is recommended, as the pulling force is distributed more gently and less pressure is exerted on the sensitive cervical vertebrae. A harness is particularly advisable for sporting activities or for anxious dogs.

What should I look for in a dog harness?

The most important thing about a dog harness is the fit. If the straps are too wide or too tight for your furry nose, your dog will not be able to move freely. The straps must not cut into the dog's legs and should not lie in the folds of the dog's legs, as this would restrict his movement. On the other hand, the harness must not be too loose either, as otherwise your pet could quickly squirm out of the harness and put himself and his environment in danger.  Thanks to the many adjustment options of the HUNTER dog harnesses, this cannot happen to you. In just a few easy steps, you can adjust the dog harness perfectly to your dog's body.

When buying a dog harness, pay attention to the following points:

  • Material: Buy a harness made of soft material. It should be cuddly and yet robust and hard-wearing.

  • Padding: In addition to the material, sufficient padding is important so that the harness does not chafe and your pet feels comfortable with it.

  • Adjustable size: Choose a dog harness that is easily adjustable in size. This way you can fit your dog exactly and prevent the harness from squeezing uncomfortably.

  • Accurate fit: Measure your dog precisely - this is the only way to find a dog harness in which your furry friend feels completely comfortable.

Measuring instructions for the perfect fit of your dog harness

Before choosing a dog harness, take precise measurements of your dog to ensure that the model fits perfectly and does not chafe or pinch. Use a flexible measuring tape and measure the following areas of the dog's body:

  • A: First measure your dog's neck circumference, it should not be too tight but also not too loose.

  • B: Measure the dog's waist circumference one hand's width behind the front legs, or at the point where the dog's chest is widest.

You can then choose the harness with the correct size based on the two values. The models in our shop can all be adjusted at the waist strap, sometimes even several times - so the HUNTER dog harnesses fit perfectly to the body of your furry nose and offer optimum wearing comfort.

Which dog harness for which purpose?

At HUNTER you will find a wide range of models for many occasions. Whether it's sporting activities with your dog, at the dog park or in your free time.

Lead harness

The lead harness is one of the classics among dog harnesses. It is popular because of its many adjustment possibilities and is available in two versions: as a Y-harness or an H-harness. The design is similar for both versions: a breast bar and a back bar extend from the collar. The chest strap runs through the dog's front legs and ends in a belly strap, which connects the back strap with the chest strap. Depending on the variation of the harness, the formation of the backstrap differs - either Y-shaped or H-shaped. The pressure transferred to the harness by the pull on the lead is distributed differently over the dog's body depending on the type of harness. The Y-harness is usually even tighter on the dog's body. This makes it (almost) impossible for the dog to slip out.

Norwegian harness

The Norwegian harness is particularly popular with dog owners because of its easy handling: the harness is pulled over the head, fastened - done. Dogs who feel restricted in their movements by the bar between the front legs of a lead harness will love the Norwegian harness. Here the chest strap runs horizontally along the chest. The Norwegian harness is fastened with the torso strap, which runs along the rib cage.  On the back of the Norwegian harness there is usually a practical holding loop.

Safety harness

Some of our dear furry friends have a rather anxious disposition and panic at loud noises or street noise. To protect your dog and your environment in these situations, we recommend a special panic harness. This is equipped with an additional belly strap, which prevents the animal from wriggling out of the harness on its own.

Puppy harness

With a colourful puppy harness, you'll not only conjure up a cute look for your puppy - it will also help them get used to the leash without straining their necks. At HUNTER you'll find special dog harnesses for puppies and dog harnesses for small dogs as well as harnesses that are adjustable in size so they grow with your dog.