When the days get shorter again or rain, snow and fog cloud your vision, you must make sure that your dog is clearly visible in the dark. With luminescent collars, reflective leashes or LED tags from HUNTER you can contribute to your dog's safety. The same applies if you want to take your dog in the car - at HUNTER you will find practical utensils where the safety of your dog is paramount. More about the safety of your dog.

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How to make your dog visible in the dark

When the sun gives way to the clouds and darkness falls, you should make your dog visible to car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and co. with the right equipment. Here at "We love HUNTER" you will find a large selection of practical accessories for the dark season.

Luminescent collar and reflective collar

Your dog wants to go out - no matter if it's raining or dark. Most of all, he wants to move freely and explore the world. With a luminescent collar he remains visible to the environment and can comfortably roam the fields. In our store you will find luminescent collars that can be attached directly to the leash and lightweight LED light tubes that can also be worn around the neck.

If your dog feels disturbed by the glowing or flashing lights or reacts in a stressed manner, you should resort to a reflective collar - this way he will be recognized in the dark even from a distance.

LED light articles for your dog

Whether it's an LED pendant or a light adapter that you can practically attach to the collar, leash or harness - with the LED light items from HUNTER you can see your dog even from a distance. Depending on the situation, choose between different flashing modes to always be able to see your dog well.

Luminescent leash

With a luminescent leash from HUNTER you and your furry nose will be visible. Thanks to a narrow LED light tube, the entire leash is illuminated and is thus well perceived by pedestrians and motorists and cyclists. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, you can quickly charge the leash.

Safety for dogs in the car

Whether you're taking your dog shopping, to a friend's house or on a long holiday trip: if you take your dog with you in the car, you have to make sure that it can sit or lie down safely and that it can't hurt itself. With a car harness, you can connect your pet to your car's safety belt and place him safely in the back seat. Especially practical: Unlike a dog box, a car harness allows you to transport your dog flexibly in any car.