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Engraving and embossing 

HUNTER products are marked with our distinctive lettering or logo. This means you can always be sure of buying a HUNTER original. Exclusive fittings engraved with the brand name HUNTER and other components such as stop rings and fasteners featuring HUNTER lettering.

Aluminium clasp “Alu Strong”

Thanks to its minimal weight, the “Alu Strong” clasp offers a high level of comfort; what’s more, it can be opened and closed easily and is designed to withstand a tensile load of up to around 200 kg depending on the size. Other advantages of the rustproof “Alu Strong” clasp are its excellent colour-fastness and durability. Even low temperatures can do no harm to this high-gloss polished clasp.

Quality you can trust – thanks to quality controls

As a leather-processing business, HUNTER attaches particular importance to inspecting goods prior to purchase. At HUNTER, we always check that our suppliers comply with directives and statutory regulations relating to leather tanning. The leathers used for creating HUNTER products are tanned exclusively in Europe. This production process is subject to the strict European directives and statutory provisions governing occupational safety and approved tanning agents and chemicals. Consequently, all our tanneries are bound by the provisions of the REACH Directive that apply throughout Europe.

Furthermore, all HUNTER’s leather suppliers are required to confirm that they adhere to the REACH Directive. Compliance with the statutory regulations governing occupational safety, animal husbandry and the processing of raw materials to create genuine high-quality leather is a key consideration when manufacturing our leather goods. At HUNTER therefore, the demand for uncompromising quality is evident right from the start, at the raw material stage, and is a clear indication of the respect, love and sense of responsibility that the company feels towards both people and animals.


Not all leather is the same  

Elk leather

Elk leather is one of the finest and most exquisite types of leather in the world. HUNTER purchases it exclusively from the forests of Scandinavia. Every year, only a certain number of elks are allowed to be shot; this is to ensure that the ecological balance in the Scandinavian forests is preserved on a permanent basis. The meat is mainly used in the local catering establishments, and the leather is a waste product of the meat processing industry; unfortunately, it is often damaged due to animals being transported from the forests in an inappropriate way. Anyone who knows how big a fully grown elk can be will be surprised to learn how little usable leather hide is ultimately left over from such a magnificent animal. Sometimes, elk leather is extremely hard to come by, for example when animals are exposed to extreme seasonal conditions, such as fly infestations, which have a negative impact on the skin of live animals. The elk leather actually recovered is then all the rarer and finer and has to undergo even more stringent quality controls before being used in the HUNTER production process.


Bison leather

Bison is an exclusive, high-quality leather known for its rustic natural appearance and soft feel. This type of leather originates from a sustainable, strictly controlled breeding farm in North America, where we can be sure that the animals are reared under controlled conditions and the resulting raw materials are of top quality. Every piece of leather features a unique grain pattern, making every product different, so you can be sure that any item you care to purchase is bespoke and made using exclusive, very special leather.


Eco leather 

We view naturalness as a sign of individuality and quality. HUNTER stocks a range of vegetable-tanned leather products. In the case of the eco leather collection, protection of the environment is always at the forefront of our minds. A special greasy finish is applied to the leather to make it supple and shiny. For the Porto collection, an extract derived from olive tree leaves – a by-product of the olive-growing industry – is used as a tanning agent; the result is an ecological leather with the feel-good factor. Thanks to the use of renewable resources, the extraction of the tanning agent is very eco-friendly and permits optimal utilisation of waste materials. This natural, sustainable leather is pleasantly soft to the touch, but nevertheless robust and even gives off a slightly Mediterranean fragrance.

In the case of vegetable-tanned leather, the colour may rub off. Please bear this in mind, especially if your pet has a light-coloured coat. If in doubt, choose a darker shade for your four-legged friend. Did you know that eco leather is even fully compostable?


Soft full-grain cowhide leather 

Soft full-grain cowhide leather is a high-quality, smooth leather with a non-slip surface. This beautiful leather is completely dyed through, specially tanned and oiled so as to create an extra-strong, hard-wearing leather. To provide added comfort for the dog and its owner, products made of soft full-grain cowhide leather are generally lined with soft nappa leather. So-called “greased leather” is additionally given an extra-greasy finish, making it even more robust and moisture-repellent.


Cowhide nappa leather

Cowhide nappa leather is a fine leather that is very soft and supple. Our cowhide nappa leather products, available in a range of colours, are very non-slip and comfortable to grip. Thanks to the gentle dyeing process, this type of leather retains its natural character.


Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is sanded on the grain side to produce an extra-soft velvety surface. Choose your favourite item from our extensive range of nubuck leather products in attractive rich colours.


Saddle leather

Saddle leather is made from the finest cowhide and, as the name suggests, it is often used for saddlery. This very soft cowhide leather is particularly pleasant to the touch, but nevertheless extremely robust thanks to the special way in which the rawhide is treated. This type of leather requires very little care, as it is already pre-oiled.


Coated split leather 

Products made of »coated split leather« consist of a genuine leather core layer with a PU coating that makes them very low-maintenance. The PU coating is a protective layer of polyurethane. HUNTER products are therefore only suitable for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to a limited degree. Please enquire about the exact material composition of the products or contact our service hotline if you have any questions.


Artificial leather

Artificial leather is not an animal product, but instead a woven textile with a synthetic coating. Products made from artifical leather are light-weight, extremely soft and non-slip, making them comfortable to grip. Artifical leather can be wiped clean and is water-repellent as well as being resistant to heat and cold.