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Your dog is your constant companion and best friend? You don't want to miss him even on holiday and you love to take him on trips and long walks? Then you should be equipped with the right travel and transport equipment. Whether a dog box for the car journey or a practical dog backpack for your dog to take a breather on long walks: We will explain to you which travel accessories you need for your dog.

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Dog boxes for the car 

Some dogs love driving and look forward to the next adventure with joyful anticipation, others are a bit travel sick and shy away from long car journeys. With a transport box from HUNTER, you can make transport as pleasant and safe as possible for your four-legged passenger. The HUNTER dog boxes are available in different sizes for small and large dogs and offer a safe place to rest during the car journey. The dog box can be stowed in the boot, on the passenger seat or on the back seat, depending on the safety regulations and the size of the box. With a dog carrier on board, your dog is well looked after during the journey. In the event of an accident or emergency braking, your dog will not be thrown through the car.

Dog boxes: foldable or made of aluminium

At HUNTER you will find robust aluminium dog boxes with a comfortable, padded mat for a relaxed and safe journey. They are stable and offer reliable protection. You can turn unpadded dog boxes into a comfortable place to rest on your travels in no time at all with a dog travel cushion. Is an aluminium dog box too bulky for you? Then it's better to choose a foldable dog box. This can simply be folded up compactly after use.

Flight box for dogs: Holiday with your dog

You want to fly on holiday with your dog? That's no longer a problem today, as long as dog is transported properly - for example, in a dog box that is also suitable as a flight box. To be approved for air travel, they must be IATA certified. As an animal passenger on a plane, you should have a comfortable dog box that is easy to carry. With breathable nets and outside pockets for stowing utensils, the dog boxes by HUNTER are particularly suitable for dog transport. All transport boxes from HUNTER can of course also be used as a sleeping or resting place at home.

Dog backpacks and dog bags by HUNTER 

On long walks, it is not uncommon for small dogs in particular to get tired. If you still want to walk, but your dog needs a breather, a dog backpack is a good solution. With a dog backpack from HUNTER you can carry your tired dog comfortably on your back until he has rested. Dog backpacks are especially practical for hiking and trekking tours in the mountains.

HUNTER dog backpacks combine carrying comfort for humans and safe, comfortable transport for dogs. Because we care about the well-being of our dogs, we use soft, breathable materials and mesh windows for optimal air circulation. Thanks to the integrated short leash, the dogs are securely fastened in the backpack, but still have enough freedom of movement. You can also connect the backpack to a safety harness. In the HUNTER range there is a large selection of dog bagswith carrying handle, for those who don't want to carry their dog in a backpack. They are best suited for short transport routes and as a carrier bag for puppies.

Safety harnesses for dogs

Our safety harnesses for dogs are suitable for use as car harnesses, for securing in a carrier backpack or even for daily walks. With straps running under the chest and made of tear-resistant materials, the safety harnesses by HUNTER are ideal for use as a securing harness when travelling or transporting.

Drinking bottle and travel bowl for travelling with the dog

On long walks or car journeys, you should always have enough water for your pet. Instead of a water bottle and bowl, a drinking bottle for your dog is also a good idea. Equipped with a pouring device, you can offer your dog a refreshing sip of water at any time without having to carry an additional bowl. The travel water bottle can be conveniently attached to your backpack with a carabiner.

Car cover for dog transport

To keep the boot or back seat clean when travelling with your dog, HUNTER offers practical car covers. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth and are equipped with slots for car safety harnesses so they can be attached to the headrests of the back seat. The car blankets fit almost every type of vehicle. Get ready for your next trip with your dog now!