It's a family business

Master saddler and dog owner Rolf Trautwein put his desire for high-quality accessories for dogs into practice at the age of 36 and founded the company HUNTER in 1980. The initially slim range of leather accessories manufactured in Germany developed into a diverse product range within a few years and the company name HUNTER became a true brand name in the pet industry. With high-quality accessories for dogs and cats, as well as horses at the time, the family business was quickly able to conquer new market segments.

In 2000, the daughter of the company founder, Nadine Trautwein, joined the group of companies and has been managing the globally successful company since 2007 with a team of now around 170 dedicated employees who share the enthusiasm for the brand and love animals. New products and designs are still discussed and developed in the "family circle" - a tradition that the company is justifiably proud of, in addition to the production location in Germany for a large part of the products.

Marianne Trautwein, wife of the company founder, passionately runs the HUNTER SHOP on the company premises - a flagship of the brand and a real shopping experience for customers from all over the world. At the beginning of 2016, due to the constant growth of the company, the administration and production moved to the new company premises in the east of Bielefeld, easily accessible via the A2 motorway exit "Bielefeld-Ost". The HUNTER SHOP and the Factory Outlet with its small café area and dog play area have also found their new, enlarged and attractive location here and regularly attract many dog and cat owners from near and far.

Office dogs are just as welcome in the administration as an "animal" part of the staff as the production and material demonstrations are popular with customers and partners. At HUNTER, the term "family business" is simply not theory, but lived practice.