Cat collars

Cat collars

Whether collars made of leather, nylon or insensitive PVC - find the right cat collar for your cat here in our shop. HUNTER offers from glitter collars to luminescent collars, for every purpose the right collar. A HUNTER cat collar of course has cat-specific features and safety features.

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Cat collars

If you want to buy a cat collar, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

Buying a cat collar: What should you look out for?

Depending on the reason for purchasing a collar for the cat, there are various factors to consider when choosing:

  • Safety closure: To ensure that a cat collar does not pose a danger to the animal, the most important thing is a high-quality safety closure. It should open as soon as the cat pulls on it. This is the only way it can free itself if, for example, it gets stuck on a branch. HUNTER cat collars are of course all equipped with a tested and effective safety closure.
  • Size: Ideal are infinitely adjustable cat collars, which can be adjusted or cut exactly to the size of the cat.
  • Slip-proof: The collar must be adjusted so tightly that the cat cannot slip out.
  • Material: Cat collars should above all be comfortable to wear around the neck. The material should therefore not only suit the purpose of the collar, but also be soft and supple.
  • Extras: If the collar is designed to make cat visible and easy to find, reflectors, bells and an address tag are a must.

How to find the right size for the cat collar?

In addition to the self-opening safety closure, the right size of the collar is essential for the wearing comfort and safety of the cat. In general, narrow and thin cat collars are recommended.

To check the size and adjust the collar appropriately, there should be room for two fingers placed side by side at the front of the cat's throat and at the top of the neck. If the collar cannot be adjusted so tightly, it is too big.

Some models are elastic or have an elastic band: These are comfortable to put on the neck, but should still fit tightly enough. Especially with cat collars for kittens, which are often used to acclimatise kittens to their new home, it is important that the collar fits perfectly so that the little rascal does not run away.

Which materials are used for the production of the cat collars?

For the production of cat collars, HUNTER only uses high-quality materials that are robust, durable and easy to clean:

  • Leather cat collars: Particularly soft and supple, narrow cut, infinitely adjustable and equipped with a safety closure, these models are especially robust and durable - of course, carefully handcrafted in HUNTER's usual way. What's more, leather is a natural product that comes from animals raised on sustainable, organic farms.
  • Artificial leather: artificial leather is particularly easy to care for as it can be wiped clean quickly and is comfortable to wear.
  • Cotton: Cotton collars are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. The material is of natural origin and therefore particularly popular.
  • Nylon and polyester The popular synthetic fibres are very robust and withstand both wetness and dirt; the collar is cleaned and as good as new in no time. Polyester is used for the production of reflective surfaces, which make the four-legged friends particularly visible.

Which cat collar is the right one?

Which cat collar is the optimal one depends on various factors, such as:

  • How old and how big is the cat?
  • What purpose should the cat collar serve? Is the reason rather the temporary familiarisation of the cat in the new home or should it primarily serve the security?
  • Does the cat have long hair or short hair?

Cat collars should be very robust and especially soft. A model to which a leash can be attached is more suitable for familiarisation, and if you want to keep your pet safe, especially in the dark, a luminescent or reflective cat collar is the first choice. Especially for longhaired cats, we recommend a plain model in which the long hair does not get caught.

Another popular criterion in the selection process is the design. We offer a wide range of different cat collars from HUNTER - from cat collars with rhinestones in trendy colours such as gold to cat collars with glittering pendants to current patterns such as camouflage - of course in the usual high HUNTER quality.

These are the advantages of a cat collar

When is a cat collar useful? Especially for outdoor cats, a cat collar can fulfil several important functions:

  • Tracking: A cat collar with GPS is used to track the animal and makes it possible for the cat owner to see where the cat is.
  • Safety: Especially in the dark or at dusk, reflective cat collars or luminescent cat collars are useful. This way the animals are visible from afar and the danger of being injured by car drivers, for example, is reduced.

Absolutely essential for the safety of free-roaming cuddly tigers are self-opening cat collars with a safety closure that opens as soon as a strong jerk is applied. This prevents the animal from injuring itself.

  • Findability: If a free-roaming animal has been on the move for a long time and there is reason to suspect that it has gone somewhere else, cat collars with the name, address and telephone number can be a good help. If someone has found the animal, they can immediately contact the owner using the contact details in the address sleeve. If you don't want to lose sight of your pet in the immediate vicinity, a cat collar with a bell is just the thing: the ringing of the bell indicates where the velvet paw is currently roaming.
  • Protection from feeding by strangers: To prevent the cat from finding another home, it should not be fed in other households. A collar already signals that the cat is not a stray but a pet. If the cat collar says "Please do not feed!", this is a signal to other cat lovers not to spoil the animal too much. A cat collar tag or address sleeve containing this message prevents this.
  • Familiarising the cat to a new environment: If a house cat is to be accustomed to the garden or even to being an outdoor cat, a cat collar also offers advantages here. A cat collar with a leash fulfils this purpose optimally.
  • Protection of birds: Some cats with a strong hunting instinct regularly fall prey to birds. Not every cat owner is fond of this. Here, HUNTER cat collars with bells or a cat collar in red, pink, neon or other eye-catching colours can help to forewarn the birds and make the hunter less successful.
  • Protection against ticks: Special cat collars against ticks, fleas or other parasites should keep the annoying pests away.