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Dog collar leather

Leather collars for dogs are much more than a fashion accessory: they are a robust companion for your four-legged friend wherever you go.

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Leather dog collars: durable, practical and stylish

Whether you like it rather simple and functional or are looking for a real luxury leather dog collar:  Collars are essential with their function of holding your dog's leash. In addition, they are a chic fashion accessory and - made of soft leather - particularly durable and robust. Find here all the info to find a suitable leather collar for your dog!

Why a leather dog collar is useful

Leather is not only a durable material that can withstand severe exposure, but moreover, it is of natural origin. For the production of HUNTER leather dog collars, mostly pollutant-free leather from socially responsible, ecological production is used. The soft, smooth natural material adapts ideally to the neck shape of your four-legged friend and is comfortable to wear. Most of the HUNTER leather dog collars are carefully handmade in our leather factory in Bielefeld, Germany.

HUNTER leather dog collars: quality from the leather manufacturer

✓     durable, tough & easy to clean

✓     high wearing comfort: cuddly & soft

✓    mostly ecologically produced leather

✓     robust buckle or quick release

✓     strengthened stitching

✓     wide range of elegant designs

✓     partly handmade, Made in Germany

✓     each collar is unique

Types of leather collars

In the online store we offer you a wide selection of high quality HUNTER leather dog collars:

    • Wide leather collars are especially suitable for strong quadrupeds and dogs with long necks, as well as for heavier leashes like some leather leashes.
    • Pull stop leather collars like our leather collars and dressage collars are comfortably pulled over the head to put on. A pull stop, such as a ring, ensures that it tightens when pulled only up to the set neck circumference of the dog, so that injuries are prevented.
    • Leather collars with handle are the ideal choice if you want to keep your four-legged friend close to you in certain situations, such as in traffic, or if you are training your young dog.

Our tip: Use the filters in our store to quickly find a suitable selection of chic leather dog collars for your furry nose - whether it's a particularly favorable offer or a specific color. Choose your favorite models and order them conveniently to your home.

Leather dog collars in great designs

Whether elegant and luxurious, playful or rocky - find the leather collar that perfectly suits your four-legged friend! As a specialist with many years of expertise in the development and manufacture of comfortable leather collars for dogs, HUNTER offers a wide selection of leather dog collars in various designs - embroidered or braided leather, with the popular Swiss cross, with chains, studs or even with skulls. Round-stitched leather collars look particularly fine and score points with their wearing comfort.

Our tip - personalized leather dog collar: Especially popular are exclusive leather dog collars, e.g. with the name of your fur friend or your phone number, which conveniently also serves the identification, if he should ever take off. In our online store you will find personalized leather collars that you can configure individually for your favorite.

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Buying leather dog collar - what to look for?

This is what to look for when you want to buy a leather dog collar:

  • Type: Whether extra wide, a pull stop collar or a leather collar with handle - for every use there is the right leather collar.
  • Size: Measure the neck circumference of your quadruped with a flexible measuring tape. Between neck and tape measure should be two finger widths of space - then you have determined the appropriate length.
  • Buckle: Tension stop collars must be put on over the head and tighten to the set neck circumference of the dog, as soon as the dog pulls on the leash. Leather collars with a click closure (also called a push-fit or quick-release closure) are often slightly lighter than the classic buckle and can be put on quickly. However, for very muscular or very temperamental animals, a buckle closure with a spike that fits into a hole is more suitable.
  • Padding: HUNTER leather collars for dogs use only very soft leather, which adapts perfectly to the muscles of your dog.
  • Adjustability: ideally, the collar is adjustable in length, so you can adjust it again and again and use it for a long time. See the size chart in the product description for details.
  • Design: Here you have free choice - whether artfully braided, with rivets, in bright red or noble black, brown or cognac.

FAQs about leather dog collars

How wide should a leather dog collar be?

To make sure the collar fits comfortably, you can use this rough rule of thumb as a guide:

Choose the collar about as wide as your dog's rhinarium is wide.

The rhinarium is the moist part of the nose that surrounds the nostrils. Besides, the leather collar should be adapted to the neck shape and physique of your dog. A greyhound with a long neck or a strong, muscular dog should rather wear a wide collar so that it does not cut or press on the larynx or even cause injury. In addition, the collar should be chosen wide enough to hold the leash to be attached to it well.

What leather is used for HUNTER leather dog collars?

For the dog collars of HUNTER only high-quality, responsibly produced leather of top quality is used. Cowhide, particularly soft nappa leather, nubuck leather, elk or bison leather are processed in the Bielefeld leather factory. You can choose from a wide range of colors, one more chic than the other - no wishes remain unfulfilled!

How to clean and care for a leather collar?

With these tips, you will enjoy your leather dog collar for a long time:

  • impregnate before wearing for the first time
  • after contact with water, a wet leather dog collar is first wiped off and then slowly dried on a straight surface, preferably at normal room temperature (not in the sun or on the heater, then it becomes porous)
  • let any dirt dry first and then brush it out
  • regular re-greasing for maintenance keeps the leather soft, smooth and robust

Which leather dog collar is suitable for puppies?

For your little puppy a rather narrow, light and soft leather collar is suitable, to which the puppy can get used well.  Take a look at our puppy collars! Have fun browsing!