Dogs Sofas
Dog sofas

Dog sofas ensure a restful sleep for your pelt nose. We show you what you should look out for when buying a dog sofa.

Comfortable dog sofas for every four-legged friend

Cuddling is nice, but maybe you don't always want to share your cosy sofa space with your darling? Then a dog sofa is the best alternative to your own sofa: as a perfect and comfortable retreat, it invites your dog to stretch out and relax.

Cosy HUNTER dog sofas - the advantages:

Discover our wide range of cosy dog sofas for your four-legged friend! This is what our models offer you:

✓     soft, comfortable padding

✓     reliably keeps out floor cold

✓     particularly cosy thanks to raised rim

✓     Slip-resistant underside

✓     chic designs

✓     removable cover thanks to zip

✓     easy to clean: washable at 30 °C

Buy a dog sofa - this is how you find the right one:

A dog sofa serves as a dog bed for your four-legged friend and is the perfect complement to a dog blanket. These criteria will help you find the best sofa for your furry friend:           

  • Size:

An all-round comfortable dog sofa should fit the size of your four-legged friend. In our online shop you will find cosy dog sofas in different lengths and widths - from dog sofas for small dogs to dog sofas for large dogs.

  • Form:

All HUNTER dog sofas have a padded border - so your pet not only feels wonderfully safe, but is also reliably protected from draughts.

  • Age and health:

The high side walls of our sofas can be perfectly used by a tired four-legged friend to rest his head. Especially older dogs that doze a lot appreciate the soft upholstery of the dog couch.

If you have an older or sick dog at home, an orthopaedic dog sofa is the perfect place for your pet to sleep: if your four-legged friend has problems with his joints, for example, this is the ideal place to rest.

  • Design:

Of course, your individual taste also plays a role in choosing the right dog couch. With our dog sofas, you can choose between different models made of various materials and in different colours and patterns. Discover the timeless designs in subtle colours like grey and find your favourite that perfectly matches your interior!

  • Material and care:

Our HUNTER dog sofas have a high-quality finish and are made of particularly robust fabrics and materials such as artificial leather, polyester and cotton. Even after a long walk in the rain, they offer your four-legged friend a cosy place to rest. The covers are particularly easy to clean: You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth or wash the easy-care covers in the machine.

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