Care & Hygiene Products

Care & Hygiene Products

Cats are particularly clean animals. You can find the right care for cats here, at We love HUNTER. With the wellness programme from HUNTER you can care for your cat properly and at the same time strengthen the bond with your cat.

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Cat brushes and grooming accessories 

Cat brushes are an important tool for grooming. The bristles can be used to loosen loose hair and dirt from the coat. In addition, most cats enjoy a massage with a cat brush, special grooming gloves or massage brushes to the fullest. The daily grooming ritual also prevents parasites and, incidentally, supports the relationship between man and four-legged friend and promotes trust. Regular brushing offers another advantage: If the many hairs in the undercoat or during the coat change are caught with the brush, fewer hairs end up in the cat's stomach as hairballs.

Which cat brushes and grooming products are available?

There is a wide range of cat care products, from cat brushes to cat gloves and combs to cat shampoo, claw scissors and tick tongs.

Especially for cat lovers who keep an outdoor cat or a long-haired cat, cat brushes are a must for optimal hygiene. In regular cuddling hours with grooming glove and cat brush, annoying parasites are discovered immediately and small knots are loosened before they become matted. Depending on the purpose, cat brushes are equipped with different bristles: Metal bristles, rubber nubs or even plastic brushes are well suited for grooming.

  • Undercoat brush: Most cats have a more or less dense undercoat, so an undercoat brush should not be missing in any cat's kit. These special brushes loosen the often dense undercoat of the cat and are especially recommended during the coat change. The so-called plucking brushes are also excellent undercoat brushes: fine metal prongs act as bristles, so that the dense undercoat can be easily brushed out.
  • Soft brush: Soft brushes are equipped with soft bristles that do not overstimulate the skin but still effectively loosen tangles.
  • Grooming brush: Grooming brushes also include, for example, grooming currycombs or rubber currycombs, which are a good complement to plucking brushes. While the plucking brush loosens the dense undercoat, the curry comb collects the loose hair.
  • Cat brush glove: Grooming gloves for cats are made of a flexible material and are equipped with small bristles or coarser nubs.  With such cat brush gloves, grooming can be optimally integrated into the game - many a "brushing muffle" has acquired a taste for it.
  • Cat comb: For undercoat, a cat comb is often the best choice. The tines should be rounded at the front and not too hard so that it glides comfortably through the coat when combing. Cat combs are also suitable for grooming long hair, for example to remove tangles.

Complementary cat grooming products include:

  • Nail scissors: Depending on whether the four-legged friend sharpens its claws enough, claw scissors are a good idea. They can be used to shorten the claws if, for example, the cat can no longer move around freely because the claws are caught in the carpet.
  • Cat shampoo: Longhaired cats in particular often have to struggle with tangles and matting. If the tangles can no longer be controlled with a cat comb and brush, washing with a special coat shampoo can help, which makes the hair easy to comb again.
  • Stripping knife: Especially for medium-length and long coats, trimming the hair now and then helps to ensure optimal grooming. A trimming knife shortens the coat and, thanks to its ergonomic shape, is ideally suited for thinning out dense hair even in hard-to-reach places.

Which cat brush is the right one?

Which cat brush is good for my cat? The answer to this question depends on the length of the coat, the density of the coat and whether the cat lives indoors or outdoors.

  • Cat brush for longhaired cats: Long-haired cats require particularly intensive grooming if the coat is to remain smooth and well-groomed. Cat combs or brushes with thin, rounded stainless steel bristles are good for loosening tangles and knots in the hair. Cat brushes with rubber nubs or cat grooming gloves are suitable for removing hair from the coat. From time to time, cutting and trimming the hair is also unavoidable.
  • Cat brush for short haired cats: Cat brushes with smaller bristles made of rubber or metal are also suitable for the coat of short-haired cats. Depending on the fullness of the undercoat, a plucking brush is a good support when changing the coat to loosen the undercoat.
  • Cat brush for kittens: A soft cat brush or a cat glove with soft rubber nubs or bristles is the best way to slowly introduce kittens to grooming and to get them used to regular brushing. For kittens, the bristles should be soft and flexible and the brush or cat groomer should be the right size.
  • Cat brush to support the change of coat: Especially during the change of coat, which occurs twice a year, many cats are grateful for support. The dense undercoat can be brushed out with plucking brushes or a cat comb. A cat glove with soft pimples or a currycomb will then remove the loose hair from the coat very easily.

By the way, you also promote blood circulation to the skin and prevent unpleasantly large hairballs in the cat's stomach. When grooming, cats pick up a lot of hair, which forms a hairball in the stomach that has to be regurgitated. Cat grass helps to make it more digestible. However, the more fur is brushed out, the less hair is found on carpets and upholstery - and in the cat's stomach. 

Which material are HUNTER cat brushes made of?

HUNTER cat brushes are made from high quality, durable materials. Stainless steel bristles are easy to clean and thin enough to effectively care for fine cat fur. Rubber as a durable, robust material is also hygienic to clean. Rubber cat brushes and rubber cat curriers offer a particularly gentle form of coat care thanks to the soft, flexible bristles. HUNTER also attaches particular importance to usability and equips its cat brushes with ergonomically shaped handles, which are coated with leather-look plastic and are therefore non-slip and secure in the hand. 


Buying a cat brush: What should you look out for?

So that the cat gets used to it, the daily grooming ritual should become a fixed part of the daily routine. When buying a cat brush, some criteria should therefore be considered so that brushing becomes a pleasant experience and the cat brush fulfils its purpose optimally:

  • Easy handling: Ergonomically shaped cat brushes make it easier to brush through the cat and loosen the fur effectively.
  • Easy cleaning: If you want to have little work, you can fall back on self-cleaning cat brushes. The brushed hair can be quickly removed and disposed of with a simple pressure mechanism.
  • Material: The materials used for the brush should be durable, robust and easy to clean. Non-slip rubber, stainless steel and handles in a valuable leather look are washable and last a long time.
  • Right size: Kittens and very petite cats need smaller cat brushes so that brushing feels comfortable. Some grooming gloves are available in different sizes.
  • Shape: Depending on the purpose, sometimes a cat brush is more comfortable to use than a cat brush with a handle.
  • Quality: Good cat brushes are characterised by good workmanship and have no sharp edges that pose a risk of injury. HUNTER cat brushes stand for quality and durability. Many of the cat care products are Made in Germany.
  • Functions: Some products are suitable for more than one use, for example for removing cat hair from furniture as well as for brushing and grooming.