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Travel & Transport

A visit to the veterinarian is due? Or would you like to take your cat everywhere with you? With the matching transport bags and boxes from HUNTER you can easily and safely transport your cat.

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Cat transport boxes and bags 

Most cats don't like to be on the road, but it's not always possible to avoid it - whether it's a visit to the vet or a holiday because the animal boarding is already fully booked. It is therefore all the more important that the cat feels comfortable on the way. The most important thing for a stress-free journey or trip is a safe transport box that is accepted by the cat, a cat backpack or a cat carrier bag for cat transport.

What are the different types of cat transport boxes?

If you want to transport your cat, you can choose from a wide range of transport options:

  • Transport box for cats: Classic cat boxes are often made of plastic and are equipped with a grated door or a lid with several openings. Baskets made of rattan or willow with a door grille are also often used as cat transport boxes.
  • Cat backpack: If you like to travel with a backpack, you can also use a rucksack for your faithful companion when out and about. Thanks to adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic padding, it is comfortable to wear on the back. For safe transport of the four-legged friend, the cat harness can simply be hooked in with a carabiner on the inside. This keeps the pet in the backpack.
  • Cat bag: Cat bags are available in different variations, for example as a carrier bag with a handle or a shoulder bag with shoulder straps. They can be individually adjusted to the carrier and offer additional compartments for practical utensils for on the go.

Buying a transport box for cats: What should you look out for?

Cat box, large or small, what size is appropriate? How should it open and how is safety guaranteed? When buying a cat bag or cat box, there are a few points to consider:

  • Size: the box or cat bag should be chosen wide, high and deep enough for the cat to lie down and sit down as well as stand upright in it. There are also cat boxes for two cats, which are then correspondingly larger. As a rule, the cat boxes are also provided with weight information, which shows how strong the bag and the material are.
  • Breakout-proof cat box: The safety of the noiseless pet plays a decisive role in the selection. Especially when the animal is excited and nervous, the risk increases that it will want to escape. For this reason, many bags offer the possibility to securely fasten a cat harness inside the bag by means of a carabiner. In addition, the bag or box should be easy to close, offer sufficient space and, above all, ventilation windows and windows to look out of.
  • Material: When choosing a cat bag or box, it is recommended to use a material that is easy to clean, as well as stable and robust.
  • Opening for getting in and out: Some boxes and bags can be opened sideways to the front, others have a lid at the top. Some models even offer both options for getting in and out.
  • Ventilation windows: Depending on the shape and design of the box or cat carrier, there should be several latticed ventilation windows and vents to ensure that the cat is provided with sufficient oxygen at all times and that there is adequate air circulation.
  • Upholstery: Comfortable cat bags are equipped with easy-care, washable lying mats or light upholstery. This way, the cats can make themselves comfortable and rest on the go.
  • Foldable cat boxes and bags: Transport bags for cats from HUNTER are particularly practical for travelling, as they are foldable. Made of textile and thus flexible material, they can be conveniently folded and stowed away after use. Thanks to the modern design, they are also a great accessory without a pet and can be used as a bag for travelling. This way, you can save on luggage and storage space for your holiday.
  • Stability: It is also important that the box, cat backpack or bag has a stable, non-slip stand when the box or bag is put down.
  • Quality: Solid workmanship of high-quality materials ensures that the cat bag can be used for a long time. As a creature of habit, the cat will appreciate not having to change its carrier bag.

Which material is used for HUNTER cat bags?

HUNTER cat bags are very popular and are made exclusively from high-quality materials. Nylon, polyester and cotton are easy to work with, keep their shape and are washable. Rubberised surfaces provide stability and prevent the bag from slipping. Metal eyelets and carabiners provide a reliable hold for straps. In addition, the traditional company offers a suitable design for everyone: from maritime to sporty to classy-elegant, HUNTER offers a wide selection. 


Which cat box is the right one?

When choosing the right cat bag, the above-mentioned buying criteria will help. In addition, the purpose and individual preferences of the cats play a decisive role in the selection.

  • Purpose: For the trip to the vet, a conventional cat box made of plastic, which is securely fastened to the passenger seat with the belt, may be sufficient. If you want to treat your pet to a little more comfort or are travelling by car, train or plane, you may place more value on soft padding and the fact that the cat carrier can be folded. For air travel, the airlines determine the conditions under which pets may be carried in the cabin. It is advisable to obtain information in good time. Some models offer several functions in one product and can, for example, be used both as a bag and as a travel bed
  • Getting used to the box: In order for the cat to get used to the box, it is advisable to choose a box in which the cat feels comfortable. If the cat loves to cuddle up, a soft, cosy cat bag is more suitable than a sterile-looking plastic transport box. Allow enough time for the cat to gradually get used to the box before using it for the first time.
  • Extras: Some cat bags offer useful extras, for example additional compartments as storage space for cat bowls, cat brushes or cat toys, removable lying cushions or can be attached to trolleys.