Cat toys

Cat toys

Cats love to play for life. Especially with domestic cats you should provide enough variety. At We love HUNTER you will find a wide range of toys for cats. From teasers to play tunnels for cats. Find out what your cat likes.

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Cat toy

Cats are clever animals that like to move around. Especially indoor cats should be challenged and kept busy with animating cat toys, both mentally and motorically. For this challenge, HUNTER offers a wide range of sensible and species-appropriate products for playing, which meet the needs of the cat  and offer fun and entertainment.

What types of cat toys are there?

Fish, mice, butterflies, electric cat toys, made of natural material, for occupation alone or for animation by the cat owner - the choice of cat toys is almost endless. Depending on the purpose and design of the toy, different types of cat toys can be distinguished:

Employment toys:

Especially animals that are left on their own in the flat in the meantime are happy to have cat toys to occupy themselves. If you want to provide some variety besides homemade cat toys such as simple egg cartons and toilet paper rolls, you can fall back on intelligence toys: Here, the cat is challenged to concentrate and become creative. Intelligence toys with food, for example, challenge the cat mentally by making it reach the food independently.

Cat tunnels are also a popular cat toy when the cat is alone: it can crawl, roll and romp through the tunnel. Exciting extras such as dangling plush elements arouse curiosity and prevent boredom.

  • Exercise toys: Many cat toys encourage the animals to move, awaken the hunting instinct and invite them to really let off steam - from small toy mice for cats to cat balls and cat teasers to electric cat toys that move on their own. Such active activities are important for cats to get rid of their energy.
  • Scratching toys: It is a natural instinct for cats to like to scratch. They use it to mark their territory, groom their claws and let off steam. Scratch toys are designed so that cats can scratch to their heart's content. This can prevent them from acting out this urge on furniture, wallpaper, carpets or textiles.
  • Cuddly toys: Cuddly toys for cats such as play mice, fish, birds and other toys for cuddling are excellent for encouraging the play and hunting instincts. Playful velvet paws love to carry their pets around, push them, grab them and put them at their owners' feet. As a reward, the successful hunters are happy about a treat or a cat snack.

How do you find the right cat toy?

The cat toy should be chosen according to the cat's age and character. Some animals love intelligence toys, while others are crazy about teasers. Basically, a large repertoire of activities is useful so that the four-legged companions do not get bored and stay in good health.

  • Kitten toys: Toys that meet the little ones' urge to explore and are movable are well suited as baby cat toys. Different materials also stimulate the senses and arouse curiosity.
  • Toys for lazy cats: Lack of exercise can endanger the health of velvet paws by making them overweight. To prevent this, animating cat toys are particularly suitable for lazy cats to motivate them to romp around. By changing the toys regularly, playing at home remains exciting.
  • Cat toys for older cats: Seniors still like to play, even if they sleep and rest more than their younger counterparts. Therefore, intelligence toys are the ideal choice for older cats.
  • Toys with catnip: Many cat toys contain catnip. The natural herb smells lemony and often has an attractive and euphoric effect, especially on sexually mature male cats, as its smell is similar to that of cats that have not been neutered. Not all animals react the same way to Catnip: while it has an animating effect on some, it helps others to relax. For universal use, non-hazardous catnip spray is suitable and can be sprayed on any cat toy to make it extra exciting. Cat toy sets consisting of an activity toy and a bottle of catnip oil combine both perfectly.
  • Cat teasers: No cat flat should be without cat teaser. These popular all-rounders come in a wide variety of designs: colourful and with feather fronds, with fake fur or short, dangling strings. Cats often devote themselves with great perseverance to their dangling prey such as fish and birds that want to be caught.
  • Cat tunnels: Crawling, rolling and playing - cat tunnels are a perennial favourite among cat toys. Especially models that run around the corner and can be fixed in such a way that the cat can tiger into a mysterious passage whose end is not foreseeable offer excitement.
  • Cat toys for training and throwing: Flying cat toys for training and throwing such as balls or flying animals are ideal for chasing and catching and offer long-lasting fun in high quality.
  • Electric cat toys: Electric cat toys that move independently stimulate the cat's hunting instinct. Other cat toys with batteries make noises or flash. They arouse the curiosity of playful cats and satisfy the urge to explore at home.

Our tip: Particularly cuddly animals love regular cuddles after playing, for example with soft cat brushes - this incidentally promotes trust and intensifies the bond between humans and animals.

Which materials are used for the cat toy?

The material quality of the cat toys has a great influence on whether a cat likes the toy or not. HUNTER cat toys are made of high-quality, durable materials. Natural materials such as wood, cardboard, sisal, wickerwork or catnip offer safe play and promise long-lasting fun. Cat toys made of synthetic materials, e.g. with fluffy fake fur or cuddly plush polyester in bright colours, arouse curiosity and are also particularly easy to clean.

Buying cat toys: What should you look out for?

Various factors play a role in the choice of toy:

  • Age of the cat: Young kittens have a pronounced curiosity and a great urge to move. Seniors, on the other hand, play less wildly and can also be inspired to play creative food games.
  • Purpose: Is the cat to play alone or is the toy intended to strengthen the trust between animal and human? Is it to encourage movement or primarily to distract from furniture, wallpaper and other objects? The right toy can be found for every purpose.
  • Functionality: Can the toy only be used in one way or does it possibly fulfil several needs at once?
  • Safety: Are all elements of the toy securely fastened? Are there no sharp edges or other risks of injury? Only safe cat toys are safe and species-appropriate.
  • Material: High-quality, robust materials that are easy to clean and appeal to the cat are the first choice for the best cat toys. With HUNTER cat toys, cat lovers and kitties can look forward to tested materials, high-quality workmanship and long-lasting fun.
  • Quality: HUNTER as well as KONG offer popular cat toys and are proven brands that focus on quality. Good workmanship such as strong seams will withstand wild play - for a long time.


HUNTER offers a select range of tested, carefully manufactured and unusual cat toys for the beloved cats. The products can be used in different ways, for example to satisfy the cat's hunting instinct or to encourage it to play on its own. You can buy good cat toys at a good price in the We love HUNTER shop.